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Development Timeline

 Milestones in development

2020-05 Mission prototype


2020-01 Full mod support
2019-11 Scene editor


2019-08 AI
2019-03 Lobby and match making

2019-01 Spaceship Editor
2018-11 Audio production started
2018-05 Bringing more and more game subsystems and entities together. Controllable entities.

2018-01 Almost looking like a game!
2017-11 First version of meshes and fields


2017-09 Bringing together many features and sub-systems: First playable network test!


2017-07 Composite Entity Collisions


2017-06 Viewport


2017-05 Path finding


2017-03 Entity management, basic game elements like spawn points and first game viewport work. And of course, many many implementations in all areas.
2017-02 Further development of client side engine and game server. Initial creation of UI menu and lobby modules.
2017-01 Prototype of engine and renderer. Simple spacecraft editor.
2016-08-22 Development started


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